Thursday, October 6, 2011

We want to forget, but learn from our past.

We would like to remember the good things, the things that made us happy. For some there has just been too much pain, metal and physical to close it all out. It gets so overwhelming all we want to do is hide.

My Daughter with Buck and Her Grandaughter
My Daughter got a beautiful little horse; she has scabs all over her little body. We do not know how or why she has them. You can see in her eyes the fear and pain. If you try to approach her she runs, kicks in shear terror. Everyone knows by looking at her that she has been abused. They all tell us it will take a long time. We don’t care; we just give her love, and a gentle hand. She is starting to respond to my daughter.

Everyone that comes to my Daughters and see the horses, ask how do you two do this. We just smile and say we don’t know. It is just the Love we have for living things.

When I hurt my Leg last week, I was resting with my foot on the corral. One of the Horses (Sky) came over and smelled it. Then she went over and got a drink of water, she came over and let the water out of her mouth on my foot. She went back over and got another drink and let it out on my foot again. Then she ran all the other horses out of the corral, and stood by me for quite a while.

When you see a human, abuse a Child, or Animal please do something, even if it is just to pray and ask for help. Too many walk away and do nothing, saying it not my concern. That is not true, if someone had done something, when I went to school with a bleeding back. When I went to work with a black eye, or when I lost a baby due to a fall down the stairs. Back then no way, didn’t even question how. So many things that never got anyone’s attention. Being like the little horse too afraid to say anything, just running afraid.

Some of my Special Friends will understand why I wrote this. I truly hope it helps

Blessings and Much Love
Joyce Little White Dove


  1. Joyce I can relate to this very closely, but that is a story for another day as they say.
    Every words you write regarding, don't just think "its none of my business" or "pretend they don't notice" Bad!
    Your writing has to go viral Joyce, please keep writing. Love and best wishes

  2. Thank you My Friend. I just write from my heart. It is only sometimes I hear things, and feel the suffering. This is a way to help without interfering.