Saturday, October 15, 2011

Once I had a Vision

It was very strong. I didn’t even know it was a vision.

My Father and My Great Great Grandfather came to me, standing in the middle of my living room. I was amazed, I was told to go to my special place at the River, not to worry they would be there waiting for me. This was my vision, so I did as they asked me.

A lot of things went through my mind at that time; I thought maybe they had come for me it was my time. I wasn’t feeling very well, and it was a 1 hr drive. As I drove there, a large flock of birds were in the road, a voice told me to go on, it would be fine. As I will not run over birds I drove very slowly. They flew up and over my car I could even hardly see the road, but I kept going. The Hawks were on the Electrical lines all along the Road, many other birds all along the Road. The Reservations is usually filled with beautiful birds feeding on the crops and water, but this time it was overwhelming…

When I got to the River I took out my flute, said my prayer to the four corners and said thank you for the beautiful trip here. I was standing in the water playing and My GG Grandfather came to me. He told me everything would be good now, I followed the path and he was very proud of me. This time my father wasn’t with him. He also told me my GG Grandmother Pretty Owl and Him have been watching out for me for a very long time. They would be with me until I joined them in sprit.

There were many other things I learned that day, but not for here.
I really thought that day I was going to be with them in the sprit world, in some ways I am and have always been with them and My Grandfather. But I know I’m not finished with my work yet in life, and never in the sprit world.

Pease and Love
Walk in Beauty
Joyce Little White Dove

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