Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John Alden Clark aka John Red Cloud-

This is also part of my Family Tree. 

John Alden Clark (John Red Cloud)

Born on the Rosebud Reservation 9/22/1894

According to Census reports: 1910 Shows Race: Red (Native American) He was 4years old.

                                                          standing: Jack Red Cloud, Nancy Red Cloud
                                                          Sitting:   Chief Red Cloud  abt 1900

Father; Jack Red Cloud                           

Mother; Nancy Red Cloud


At the age of 15 Allen W Clark and His Wife Ruth C Walker picked him up and took him to Minnesota. Census report 1910 shows Race: White

This verifies stories my Grandfather has told me. He was on the Reservation until He was 15 with his mother.


U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 1885-1940 for Nancy Red Cloud, John Red Cloud, is no longer listed. That confirms that he is no longer listed as Native American.

Back then they did not have regular adoptions, they just changed there names. 

All of the Pow Wow’s we went to he was John Red Cloud. He was a quite, gentle man. The only thing he really wanted was to be Lakota, that wasn’t allowed by the Family or School. He was beaten, told to only speak the white mans tongue.

Grandpa married: Mina Ruth Abbott, June 30 1915, They have 8 children.

Death July 4th 1976



Lieutenant William Clark

Officer at Camp Robinson

Events of 1876-1877

Ref. Red Cloud Warrior-Statesman of the Lakota Sioux

Robert W. Larson

And My Grandfather, John Alden Clark, aka John Red Cloud

Grandfather stories, one of them was of his Father Lt William Clark:

He was assigned to deal with Crazy Horse who would surrender to Red Cloud at the Red Cloud Agency. To show respect one of Crazy Horses best warriors gave Lt. Clark a prized war bonnet. This story is written in book above. It is of the Washington peace trip, Young-Man-Afraid’s, Crazy Horse and several others.


Two accounts of Crazy Horses death, one from Lt. Clark, was on good terms longer than any other officer, reported as a terrible accident.


It was hard for Grandpa, as he had 2 families, Red Cloud and the Clarks, so his stories are from both sides, His white Father, Lt. Clark and, His Mother Nancy Red Cloud. He doesn’t have many from Jack Red Cloud, but what he knew from Chief Red Cloud his Grandfather. There are sever pictures of a young boy, they say he is unknown, sometimes I wonder if he isn’t my Grandfather John Red Cloud.

Grandpa’s sister:

Dora B Clark aka Leader Red Cloud.

Born: ,May 1891 Pine Ridge SD

Parents: Jack and Nancy Red Cloud

Was also taken by the Clarks


Married Ernest Biggs, 15 March 1919, Fort Thompson Buffalo SD

Census report shows both Indian.

Had one Child with Homer Clark

Hermania Clark: 1911 , Crow Creek SD, Tribe: Lower Yanktonia Sioux

Death 3 March 1949, Brule County DS

Census SD Death 1905-1955

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Wonders of My Little Flute

I am reading a wonderful little book, Walking in the Sacred Manner. Written by Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier. Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers - Medicine Women of the Plains Indians.
Anyone who wants to understand the Native American Woman, who she was and is. How the ways were taught. It is written in small short stories, so everyone can read it and understand (even me) (:).
I'm getting to the end of the book, A Healing of the People.

This is a quote from the book;

“While sacred visions continue to acted out by women for the good of the people in the modern setting, many questions still remain for the future searchers. Is the sacred calling of medicine women among Plains Indian tribe dying, or is it actually still vital?
We aksed Wounye' Wate' Win what it was that she wanted to leave people with, what central thoughts had occurred to her during the time that we worked together on this book:
It would be something like don't judge or compare you spiritual experience with somebody else's. Don't compare yourself with books; you'll always come up short. The more you follow the inner voice, that quiet voice, the more you will learn and grow in your own way.
Sometimes you hear a voice, sometimes a woman, sometimes a man. Maybe it will be a new song. When you hear it, feel it. there will be a deep knowingness that you can turst. When you're true to that, you understanding (of sacred things) will grow stronger.
You must follow this inner voice even thought in contradicts what others are expecting, even thought it is contrary to what others are doing and saying.
She was approached by a man that told her to keep doing Her Woman's ceremonies".

This hit me hard last night.

I was praying and playing my flute at the River. I do a small ceremony before I play. I went to the Casino to listen to the Music and dance. A man came up to me, and said to me, Please never stop doing what you do, no matter what anyone says to you. I was surprised, he is very important in the tribe. how could he notice a little bird like me. (:). The same night the local Medicine man came up and gave me a big hug and said bless you sister. 

 I went out back to play my flute I couldn't play, I had big tears and thanked the Great sprit.
I didn't think about it until I read the above, last night.

Blessings my Friends
Joyce Little White Dove

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bird Sanctuary

I was on my way to work one day. I stopped at the Bird Sanctuary like I do everyday. It was this time of year. Again the moss was taking over the water way for the birds, it was quite a mess. The water was very low; I saw fish jumping out of the water after bugs, birds also after bugs. A young man stopped to talk to me. He told me they were not filling the water that it had been shut off, so the moss couldn’t get into the River. Another person I talked too said;” that when things are started and there is a new counsel they have there own priories.

I would stop and play my flute, one day I couldn’t play. I was so angry, and upset. I help my flute in the Air, and Said; “Man built this, there are so many critters that depend on it now. We are not allowed to walk away and let it all die, I yelled FIX IT”. Then I sat down and played my flute, and asked for forgiveness for my out cry.

Two Days later I was on my way to work, there was a backhoe pulling out the moss, cleaning the water way. They turned on the water again, all year the Birds play, Fish jump, and it’s so beautiful. They have planted more trees and bushes.

Everyday that I drive by I stop, and play my flute and thank the Great Sprit for this little place of great beauty.

Many Blessings and Much Love

Saturday, September 24, 2011

One of my many trips down the River

Driving to the River I took the River Road. It was a beautiful day, I just wanted to stay as close to the river as I could. I had my Puppies with me (Furby and Mr. Chips) We stopped several time. Went for walks, Puppies ran up and down the River, chasing birds and what ever else was moving. When I played my flute they would just sit and watch me. The Birds, crickets would sing frogs crock.

The last stop was up by the Casino. We had lunch, Puppies curled up in the car and took a nap. I burned sage, tobacco, said my prayer to the four corners and Mother earth and Father ski.
Playing my flute, the birds were all over, first the Doves there coos are so beautiful, setting in the cane. Then the Seagulls came, several of them. They were flying all around me, I could reach up and almost touch them, landing on the roof of my car. If I stopped playing they would leave, I just kept playing. The ducks came over to see what was going on. I didn’t have any food with me. They just stayed swimming, diving under the water and coming back by my feet.
When I put my Flute up, a couple in a 4x4 came over to me. They loved my Flute, and never saw anything like it. They didn’t want to interrupt me, so they just waited. Wanted to know how I did that, I told them I didn’t. Critters love music and the flute just has a tone that appeals to them. They were parked up on the hill above me. If they had of started the 4x4 it would have chased all the critters away .

We left and headed home stopped at the Bird Sanctuary. Let the Puppies out, when they were through with there walk I played my flute. I hadn’t been there in awhile, it was so beautiful. The Egrets were there a large flock of white ones, when I played they flew over my head, they hadn’t forgotten me. Sun was starting to set, so the crickets were singing and frogs were crocking. It felt so good there, I know I did a good thing. Great big fish jumping out of the Water to catch the bugs.

 I Thanked the Great Sprit for such a beautiful day.

Many Blessings

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Family Tree

My Grandparents

My Grandmother Mina Ruth Abbott

Born Dec. 5, 1895 Minnesota

James D Abbott and Family

James Danford Abbott

Born Oct 29 2857

Sophie Christensen/Peterson

Born 1862 in Sweden

Pass 1995


Married: 1914 in Port Hope Minnesota

John Alden Clark aka John Red Cloud

Born 1895 Rosebud Indian Reservation SD


Jack Red Cloud

Nancy Good Cloud Wasti / Red Cloud

Adopted by: ( taken )

Lt. William Clark

Ruth C Clark

Now I understand why the Family wouldn’t recognize, My Grandfather being Lakota (Sioux). One of the first deaths of a White man by a Native American was an Abbott, the denial was so strong. He wasn’t allowed to talk about it or even mention that he was of Native Blood. Now I know why it was all so much a secret. It would have been a betrayal of her Family

Abbott has a long line of Military standings. They go to George I V Abbott arrived 1642 In Mass , I have flowed my tree to Ralph De Abbott Born 1119 in England.

As to why Grandpa chose me I still do not know. There are many Traits we share, and my Birth day is only 5 days from his. He was the 22nd of Sept. mine is the 27th. We both have a crooked short little finger. So does Chief Red Cloud.

Another Link To My Great Great Grandfather

My new book, Autobiography of Red Cloud, Edited by R. Eli Paul.

About a couple of years ago My GG Grandfather came to me at the River. I was swimming, it was such a beautiful day. I looked at the shore, there was my GG Grandfather. He waved at me, so I swam to shore. Back then when he came, there was a tall dark man, he always stood in the background never said anything, couldn't see his face. To this day I don’t know who he was or why he was there.

GG Grandfather told me not to worry he (?) would be coming soon.

Then GG Grandfather told me to look for White Horse. I put White Horse in my Browser, found a couple. Then I laughed, GG Grandfather would laugh at me if he new how I was Looking for White Horse. My Neighbor gave me a little White Pony this year, I know it’s not White Horse, but she is so cute, and I love her.   

Last night I was reading, In chapter 9, They talk about White Horse. White Horse, was Red Clouds eyes and ears on the failed raid against the Crows. I stopped, and took a breath, another link to GG Grandfather.

So I will keep reading and looking for answers. Even as I go to the River, I will Pray for answers. They come slow, but it is worth the wait.

Many Blessings and Much Love

Joyce Little White Dove

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Wonderful Dream

When I was about 13, when I had a wonderful dream.
I was setting saying my prayers with a small fire. I was by my self. It was a beautiful evening, the night birds were singing. I had my four corners marked, White for North, Black for West, Red for East and Yellow for South. My crystal was on a bed of sage, my pouch lay beside it on the sage.
As I prayed to the North a Beautiful White horse came up to me and stood. As I turned to the East another horse came to me and stood. Then as turned to the South another horse came to me and stood, and one from the West. They were so Beautiful. There mains were shoulder lengths with feathers in them, Long flowing tails, that touched the ground. I prayed to Mother Earth and Father Sky. The horses turned flipped heads, and ran in the 4 directions as they had come.
When I told Grandpa about my Dream, He told me that there had been a Ceremony many years before his time using horses. He smiled at me and told me Horses bring great Medicine. He also told me the Great Sprit would let me know how and when to use it.
I am reading a book called Black Elk speaks. It is a wonderful Book, I have read his vision, It is with four horses in the four corners, and He is on one by himself. Later in the Book when he was older they Held a Horse Dance, it was of his vision. They painted the horses and the riders. That must have been what Grandpa told me of.
Also I found in Black Elk’s (he call’s himself Black Elk 4) book, My GG Grandfather Chief Red Cloud’s mother, Walks as She Thinks, Her father is White Rabbit, His Father is Black Elk 2, Black Elk 4’s GG Grandfather. Black Elk 3 is His Grandfather. It all came together with Red Eagle Woman is GG Grandmother. I have them in my tree on Ancestry. What a Find.