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John Alden Clark aka John Red Cloud-

This is also part of my Family Tree. 

John Alden Clark (John Red Cloud)

Born on the Rosebud Reservation 9/22/1894

According to Census reports: 1910 Shows Race: Red (Native American) He was 4years old.

                                                          standing: Jack Red Cloud, Nancy Red Cloud
                                                          Sitting:   Chief Red Cloud  abt 1900

Father; Jack Red Cloud                           

Mother; Nancy Red Cloud


At the age of 15 Allen W Clark and His Wife Ruth C Walker picked him up and took him to Minnesota. Census report 1910 shows Race: White

This verifies stories my Grandfather has told me. He was on the Reservation until He was 15 with his mother.


U.S. Indian Census Schedules, 1885-1940 for Nancy Red Cloud, John Red Cloud, is no longer listed. That confirms that he is no longer listed as Native American.

Back then they did not have regular adoptions, they just changed there names. 

All of the Pow Wow’s we went to he was John Red Cloud. He was a quite, gentle man. The only thing he really wanted was to be Lakota, that wasn’t allowed by the Family or School. He was beaten, told to only speak the white mans tongue.

Grandpa married: Mina Ruth Abbott, June 30 1915, They have 8 children.

Death July 4th 1976



Lieutenant William Clark

Officer at Camp Robinson

Events of 1876-1877

Ref. Red Cloud Warrior-Statesman of the Lakota Sioux

Robert W. Larson

And My Grandfather, John Alden Clark, aka John Red Cloud

Grandfather stories, one of them was of his Father Lt William Clark:

He was assigned to deal with Crazy Horse who would surrender to Red Cloud at the Red Cloud Agency. To show respect one of Crazy Horses best warriors gave Lt. Clark a prized war bonnet. This story is written in book above. It is of the Washington peace trip, Young-Man-Afraid’s, Crazy Horse and several others.


Two accounts of Crazy Horses death, one from Lt. Clark, was on good terms longer than any other officer, reported as a terrible accident.


It was hard for Grandpa, as he had 2 families, Red Cloud and the Clarks, so his stories are from both sides, His white Father, Lt. Clark and, His Mother Nancy Red Cloud. He doesn’t have many from Jack Red Cloud, but what he knew from Chief Red Cloud his Grandfather. There are sever pictures of a young boy, they say he is unknown, sometimes I wonder if he isn’t my Grandfather John Red Cloud.

Grandpa’s sister:

Dora B Clark aka Leader Red Cloud.

Born: ,May 1891 Pine Ridge SD

Parents: Jack and Nancy Red Cloud

Was also taken by the Clarks


Married Ernest Biggs, 15 March 1919, Fort Thompson Buffalo SD

Census report shows both Indian.

Had one Child with Homer Clark

Hermania Clark: 1911 , Crow Creek SD, Tribe: Lower Yanktonia Sioux

Death 3 March 1949, Brule County DS

Census SD Death 1905-1955

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