Friday, October 28, 2011

Thunder and Lighting at the River

The River this time of the year is so beautiful. Great big dark clouds in the sky, lots of colors, and reds from the sun peaking through the clouds. Thunder crashing and lighting bolts slashing down to the waters edge, it is so beautiful.

I was standing in the water playing my flute, it was like I never experienced before. When I turned around there was a big cloud in the sky, I was a Man with puffy hair in a bandana, holding something in his hand. I smiled, and played my flute. I was watching the winds carry him away. Slowly he disappeared, the thunder and lighting continued. I thanked the Great Sprit for my wonderful evening at the River.


Sometime later I was in the desert, had my little fire going. Playing my flute, and saying a few prayers. A Man stop and, said; "You need more wood", and left. He came back with some more wood, sat by the fire he was so quite. I kept playing my flute; we sat there quietly for I don't know how long. When I stopped playing he would chant, and throw more sage in the fire. We said good night, and we would meet again.

The 2nd time I saw him he was carving a pipe; He held it up to show me. I smiled, he was my cloud. He is one of 8 in a group to conserve the Traditional Sioux Ceremonial Pipe. He played my drum as I played my flute. He explained, if the thunder and lightening came not to be afraid.

I found out some wonderful things. I met Him a few more times, He is studying for his masters. He was raised on the Rosebud Resveration. He is Japanese/ Apache .  His father was in the interment camp here during the war. He escaped and marred a apache girl. I had said many payers at the site, there is a fence and monument. His Father is still Doctor on the Rosebud Resveration. He knows of a man there that could be my Brother.

He left the Desert, I have not heard from him again. But I know some day I will see him again. When the thunder and lightning crash the sky I smile, and say hello.

My little wooden Flute has brought me great peace, and so many friends, and experiences.

Blessings and Love
Joyce Little White Dove.


  1. You relate your experience perfectly I really enjoyed this. From and Irish woman's point of view your culture and history is so interesting.
    I will get back to the next writing tomorrow. Thank you for writing this.