Friday, October 28, 2011

My Name Joyce Little White Dove

When I was very little, my grandfather would take me to Pow Wows, and other ceremonies. One day at one of the Pow Wows he took me to see a Lady. They dressed me in a beautiful White leather dress with feather and beautiful blue beads. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had a hair piece, made of Feathers. My moccasins were white leather with the same blue beads.

That night at the Fire dance, was given my pouch with my crystal and my name in it. There was also a piece with a small dream catcher and a feather hanging down. One of the pictures with my Great Great Grandfather, he is wearing one just like it. Grandpa explained, I was to get my earth or native name. My pouch came from my Great Grandmother (Pretty Owl) . As to why I was chosen I didn’t understand until years later.

So Grandpa danced, sang. I got to dance and sing that night also. He said my name Little White Dove and asked the Great Sprit for a sign. There was a beautiful Dove that landed in a tree by us singing. Later a Little Dove landed on a rock near us. He said: your name is Little White Dove.
Every tine I got to wear my dress and feathers I felt like a bird, I would sing and dance and be fee.
The little Dove was hurt; we took her home and mended her wing. When She was well we set her free; Grandpa blamed me for all the Wild Brown and White ring neck Doves. I would laugh when he told people.

When my Grandfather passed, I went to the cemetery after everyone was gone. I danced, burned sage. The doves came and sang with me. I feel Grandpa flew off with his beloved Doves. His sprit is free and singing his songs.

So my Friends when I play my flute by the River and the Doves come, I am with my Grandpa once again.

Blessings and Love
Joyce Little White Dove


  1. Wonderful story! What a special time in your life. You are blessed to have received your Native name!

  2. Thank you

    Yes I really am blessed, I just try to share.

    Many Blessings

  3. Oh Little White Dove that was so beautiful, I want to read more,