Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Eagles Dare

I told a Gentle man a cute little story. I was about 15 working in my parents shop. A long haired, bearded man came into the store. we talked about many things. He start to draw, when he was done He gave the picture to me. It was a Eagle with a Dove in his Wing.  He said I was the eagles heart. 

  Years later I saw the same picture in a store.  
  I wish I still had it, but it disapered like most things do. I have looked everywhere for a copy.
This is the Poem my Friend sent me, I have several others of his, but I don't know where he went or who he is. just He is Carl.
Where Eagles Dare
Fools rush in and love is blind
'Tis for love that make the doves to cry
But true love is patient and kind
Where angels tread and the eagles fly
Love to me is just for the daring
A risky venture full of peril and chance
With great rewards of comfort and sharing
And the music stil plays as we dance
They say that love is a hurting thing
So if hurting is love's validation
Give me love and all it has to bring
And I'll take all the pain with elation
Dare me to love, I D-double-dog-dare
Do you dare to feel my love?
Love is forever so best prepare
'Cause the eagle flies with the dove
I love you has become such a cliché
An admission that I gladly share
True love has always been that way
While doves cry where eagles dare
Carl ©


  1. So special, people come into your life for a reason and slip out when their job is done,
    I notice that, maybe you do too.
    Lovely story and thank you for sharing.

  2. OH yes, When I read this it still touches my Heart.