Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Eagles Dare

I told a Gentle man a cute little story. I was about 15 working in my parents shop. A long haired, bearded man came into the store. we talked about many things. He start to draw, when he was done He gave the picture to me. It was a Eagle with a Dove in his Wing.  He said I was the eagles heart. 

  Years later I saw the same picture in a store.  
  I wish I still had it, but it disapered like most things do. I have looked everywhere for a copy.
This is the Poem my Friend sent me, I have several others of his, but I don't know where he went or who he is. just He is Carl.
Where Eagles Dare
Fools rush in and love is blind
'Tis for love that make the doves to cry
But true love is patient and kind
Where angels tread and the eagles fly
Love to me is just for the daring
A risky venture full of peril and chance
With great rewards of comfort and sharing
And the music stil plays as we dance
They say that love is a hurting thing
So if hurting is love's validation
Give me love and all it has to bring
And I'll take all the pain with elation
Dare me to love, I D-double-dog-dare
Do you dare to feel my love?
Love is forever so best prepare
'Cause the eagle flies with the dove
I love you has become such a cliché
An admission that I gladly share
True love has always been that way
While doves cry where eagles dare
Carl ©

My Name Joyce Little White Dove

When I was very little, my grandfather would take me to Pow Wows, and other ceremonies. One day at one of the Pow Wows he took me to see a Lady. They dressed me in a beautiful White leather dress with feather and beautiful blue beads. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had a hair piece, made of Feathers. My moccasins were white leather with the same blue beads.

That night at the Fire dance, was given my pouch with my crystal and my name in it. There was also a piece with a small dream catcher and a feather hanging down. One of the pictures with my Great Great Grandfather, he is wearing one just like it. Grandpa explained, I was to get my earth or native name. My pouch came from my Great Grandmother (Pretty Owl) . As to why I was chosen I didn’t understand until years later.

So Grandpa danced, sang. I got to dance and sing that night also. He said my name Little White Dove and asked the Great Sprit for a sign. There was a beautiful Dove that landed in a tree by us singing. Later a Little Dove landed on a rock near us. He said: your name is Little White Dove.
Every tine I got to wear my dress and feathers I felt like a bird, I would sing and dance and be fee.
The little Dove was hurt; we took her home and mended her wing. When She was well we set her free; Grandpa blamed me for all the Wild Brown and White ring neck Doves. I would laugh when he told people.

When my Grandfather passed, I went to the cemetery after everyone was gone. I danced, burned sage. The doves came and sang with me. I feel Grandpa flew off with his beloved Doves. His sprit is free and singing his songs.

So my Friends when I play my flute by the River and the Doves come, I am with my Grandpa once again.

Blessings and Love
Joyce Little White Dove

Thunder and Lighting at the River

The River this time of the year is so beautiful. Great big dark clouds in the sky, lots of colors, and reds from the sun peaking through the clouds. Thunder crashing and lighting bolts slashing down to the waters edge, it is so beautiful.

I was standing in the water playing my flute, it was like I never experienced before. When I turned around there was a big cloud in the sky, I was a Man with puffy hair in a bandana, holding something in his hand. I smiled, and played my flute. I was watching the winds carry him away. Slowly he disappeared, the thunder and lighting continued. I thanked the Great Sprit for my wonderful evening at the River.


Sometime later I was in the desert, had my little fire going. Playing my flute, and saying a few prayers. A Man stop and, said; "You need more wood", and left. He came back with some more wood, sat by the fire he was so quite. I kept playing my flute; we sat there quietly for I don't know how long. When I stopped playing he would chant, and throw more sage in the fire. We said good night, and we would meet again.

The 2nd time I saw him he was carving a pipe; He held it up to show me. I smiled, he was my cloud. He is one of 8 in a group to conserve the Traditional Sioux Ceremonial Pipe. He played my drum as I played my flute. He explained, if the thunder and lightening came not to be afraid.

I found out some wonderful things. I met Him a few more times, He is studying for his masters. He was raised on the Rosebud Resveration. He is Japanese/ Apache .  His father was in the interment camp here during the war. He escaped and marred a apache girl. I had said many payers at the site, there is a fence and monument. His Father is still Doctor on the Rosebud Resveration. He knows of a man there that could be my Brother.

He left the Desert, I have not heard from him again. But I know some day I will see him again. When the thunder and lightning crash the sky I smile, and say hello.

My little wooden Flute has brought me great peace, and so many friends, and experiences.

Blessings and Love
Joyce Little White Dove.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Once I had a Vision

It was very strong. I didn’t even know it was a vision.

My Father and My Great Great Grandfather came to me, standing in the middle of my living room. I was amazed, I was told to go to my special place at the River, not to worry they would be there waiting for me. This was my vision, so I did as they asked me.

A lot of things went through my mind at that time; I thought maybe they had come for me it was my time. I wasn’t feeling very well, and it was a 1 hr drive. As I drove there, a large flock of birds were in the road, a voice told me to go on, it would be fine. As I will not run over birds I drove very slowly. They flew up and over my car I could even hardly see the road, but I kept going. The Hawks were on the Electrical lines all along the Road, many other birds all along the Road. The Reservations is usually filled with beautiful birds feeding on the crops and water, but this time it was overwhelming…

When I got to the River I took out my flute, said my prayer to the four corners and said thank you for the beautiful trip here. I was standing in the water playing and My GG Grandfather came to me. He told me everything would be good now, I followed the path and he was very proud of me. This time my father wasn’t with him. He also told me my GG Grandmother Pretty Owl and Him have been watching out for me for a very long time. They would be with me until I joined them in sprit.

There were many other things I learned that day, but not for here.
I really thought that day I was going to be with them in the sprit world, in some ways I am and have always been with them and My Grandfather. But I know I’m not finished with my work yet in life, and never in the sprit world.

Pease and Love
Walk in Beauty
Joyce Little White Dove

Monday, October 10, 2011

A True Story of A Very Special Friend

A Quite a few years ago, I met a Young Man when I was out dancing. It was great, he loved to dance, and drank Diet Coke like I do. We met at many different places after that, for about a year.

He was a Minister of local Bikers for Christ. He was very sad, he was in the middle of a divorce. He just did not understand, and missed His Girls. I did what I could to help him.
We had made our first real date to go to dinner and then dancing. He was going to pick me up at the ranch on His Harley. I had met him early a couple of times to go for a ride. That Friday he never showed up, and I never heard from him again. I just knew he was not that kind of person, to just to leave without saying something.

After a couple of months, I called the church he was from and I asked about him. I was shocked to find out the person I got knew of me. He wanted to come by and see me, I told him no. So, he told me on the phone. That Friday He was on his way to see me. He pulled out on His bike, and a Woman, Drunk hit him. He was still in a coma; His Friend at the Church thanked me for what I had done for Him, also to please come by the Church.

I was told what hospital and where, but when I go to the hospital, His wife and Girls were there. So I left, never called again and never heard from anyone again.

Life gives us a few wonderful experiences and sometime takes our friends away, but the Memory and love for them goes on forever.

Many Blessings

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Grandpa and Me

When I was a very little Girl about four years old, I was doing things I thought everyone did. Being so very tiny for my age, I couldn’t reach things even the stool was too short for me. I could use the drawers in the kitchen to climb up and on the counter. When my mother caught me, she would yell and slap me around, knock me to the ground, and sent me to my room. I would put my pillow under the blanket, and crawl under the bed and stay until it got quite again.

I learned to move things, I would look at a box of cereal, and wish it down. I had to be careful about bowls, because the would break. My Mother worked nights all my life. So I would entertain myself, so I wouldn’t wake her. I would practice with my colors moving them and making pictures, it was getting easy to get water out of the sink, all kinds of things. Mother would get so mad, shake me and tell me I was a bad girl.

When I was about five, Mother took me to see the Church elders, there were about four of them. I sat in the middle of the room. They would ask me questions like how do you get things you want, not knowing I told them. They asked me about the puppy that was sick, I told them I touched it and asked Great Father to please make it better. I held the puppy for hours when it started to wake up and cry. One at a time they came and put there hand on my head and prayed. They prayed to God the Father. We got ready to leave the Elders told my mother not to let me do any of those things anymore.
I was starting to get stronger, and hear things people would say without moving there mouths. I kept it very quite, and started staying by myself. Mother took me back to the Church. There were more people there, carrying bibles, and Praying. I was put in the center of the room again. This time I was tied to the chair, I started to cry, so scared. They all started praying, and yelling. They would come up to the chair, touch my head sometime my head would fall to one side or back, and hurt my neck. If I said ouch, or anything they would yell at me more, and shove the chair around the room. It was a day I would never forget. I vowed I would never say anything to anyone again. I would hide.

That week I went to My Grandfathers, I told him what happened. I don’t know what was said to my mother as I was sent outside to play.

Grandpa took me up in the mountains. We could see the orange trees filled with oranges, the smell was so wonderful. He put a blanket on the ground for me. Made a circle around me, with small sage fire in the middle. He put small bags of tobacco all around. There was Red, Yellow, Black, White in the four corners. He sat with me for a little, we prayed to the Great Father to help me, to give me strength. I thanked the Great Father for my Grandpa, and this beautiful place. Grandpa told me to sit here and talk to mother earth, father sky and the four corners. Ask them the questions that I have and just wait for answers . I could hum or just be quite. He would not be far just across to keep my fire going. I don’t know when I fell asleep. I awoke in the morn. Grandpa had a snack for me, he didn’t eat.

We talked about my dreams, and what I was told. He asked me if I had the answers to my questions. I was told from this day forward not to tell anyone except Grandpa and his people about my gifts, or who I am. I realized years later that this was my first vision quest.

Grandpa starting taking me out more, we would go to pow wows. I meat some great people, I could talk to them. Grandpa would tell stories to the children.

We went back up on the mountain, it was a beautiful day. Grandpa made a circle again, we said prayers, Grandpa had me sit very quiet and picture us flying together way up in the sky. It was so blue, I just looked up. Soon I was flying, I could look down and see Grandpa sitting there, and next to him was me. We were doves flying in the trees, singing, I was so happy I didn’t want to come down. I felt a touch and heard Grandpa voice Little White Dove come down, we can go another day.

We want to forget, but learn from our past.

We would like to remember the good things, the things that made us happy. For some there has just been too much pain, metal and physical to close it all out. It gets so overwhelming all we want to do is hide.

My Daughter with Buck and Her Grandaughter
My Daughter got a beautiful little horse; she has scabs all over her little body. We do not know how or why she has them. You can see in her eyes the fear and pain. If you try to approach her she runs, kicks in shear terror. Everyone knows by looking at her that she has been abused. They all tell us it will take a long time. We don’t care; we just give her love, and a gentle hand. She is starting to respond to my daughter.

Everyone that comes to my Daughters and see the horses, ask how do you two do this. We just smile and say we don’t know. It is just the Love we have for living things.

When I hurt my Leg last week, I was resting with my foot on the corral. One of the Horses (Sky) came over and smelled it. Then she went over and got a drink of water, she came over and let the water out of her mouth on my foot. She went back over and got another drink and let it out on my foot again. Then she ran all the other horses out of the corral, and stood by me for quite a while.

When you see a human, abuse a Child, or Animal please do something, even if it is just to pray and ask for help. Too many walk away and do nothing, saying it not my concern. That is not true, if someone had done something, when I went to school with a bleeding back. When I went to work with a black eye, or when I lost a baby due to a fall down the stairs. Back then no way, didn’t even question how. So many things that never got anyone’s attention. Being like the little horse too afraid to say anything, just running afraid.

Some of my Special Friends will understand why I wrote this. I truly hope it helps

Blessings and Much Love
Joyce Little White Dove