Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Wonderful Dream

When I was about 13, when I had a wonderful dream.
I was setting saying my prayers with a small fire. I was by my self. It was a beautiful evening, the night birds were singing. I had my four corners marked, White for North, Black for West, Red for East and Yellow for South. My crystal was on a bed of sage, my pouch lay beside it on the sage.
As I prayed to the North a Beautiful White horse came up to me and stood. As I turned to the East another horse came to me and stood. Then as turned to the South another horse came to me and stood, and one from the West. They were so Beautiful. There mains were shoulder lengths with feathers in them, Long flowing tails, that touched the ground. I prayed to Mother Earth and Father Sky. The horses turned flipped heads, and ran in the 4 directions as they had come.
When I told Grandpa about my Dream, He told me that there had been a Ceremony many years before his time using horses. He smiled at me and told me Horses bring great Medicine. He also told me the Great Sprit would let me know how and when to use it.
I am reading a book called Black Elk speaks. It is a wonderful Book, I have read his vision, It is with four horses in the four corners, and He is on one by himself. Later in the Book when he was older they Held a Horse Dance, it was of his vision. They painted the horses and the riders. That must have been what Grandpa told me of.
Also I found in Black Elk’s (he call’s himself Black Elk 4) book, My GG Grandfather Chief Red Cloud’s mother, Walks as She Thinks, Her father is White Rabbit, His Father is Black Elk 2, Black Elk 4’s GG Grandfather. Black Elk 3 is His Grandfather. It all came together with Red Eagle Woman is GG Grandmother. I have them in my tree on Ancestry. What a Find.

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