Monday, September 26, 2011

The Wonders of My Little Flute

I am reading a wonderful little book, Walking in the Sacred Manner. Written by Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier. Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers - Medicine Women of the Plains Indians.
Anyone who wants to understand the Native American Woman, who she was and is. How the ways were taught. It is written in small short stories, so everyone can read it and understand (even me) (:).
I'm getting to the end of the book, A Healing of the People.

This is a quote from the book;

“While sacred visions continue to acted out by women for the good of the people in the modern setting, many questions still remain for the future searchers. Is the sacred calling of medicine women among Plains Indian tribe dying, or is it actually still vital?
We aksed Wounye' Wate' Win what it was that she wanted to leave people with, what central thoughts had occurred to her during the time that we worked together on this book:
It would be something like don't judge or compare you spiritual experience with somebody else's. Don't compare yourself with books; you'll always come up short. The more you follow the inner voice, that quiet voice, the more you will learn and grow in your own way.
Sometimes you hear a voice, sometimes a woman, sometimes a man. Maybe it will be a new song. When you hear it, feel it. there will be a deep knowingness that you can turst. When you're true to that, you understanding (of sacred things) will grow stronger.
You must follow this inner voice even thought in contradicts what others are expecting, even thought it is contrary to what others are doing and saying.
She was approached by a man that told her to keep doing Her Woman's ceremonies".

This hit me hard last night.

I was praying and playing my flute at the River. I do a small ceremony before I play. I went to the Casino to listen to the Music and dance. A man came up to me, and said to me, Please never stop doing what you do, no matter what anyone says to you. I was surprised, he is very important in the tribe. how could he notice a little bird like me. (:). The same night the local Medicine man came up and gave me a big hug and said bless you sister. 

 I went out back to play my flute I couldn't play, I had big tears and thanked the Great sprit.
I didn't think about it until I read the above, last night.

Blessings my Friends
Joyce Little White Dove

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