Friday, March 2, 2012

My Beautiful Smokey

Memories of me ridding my Beautiful Smokey

He was with me 30 years, he became my best friend. Because he was a family pet, he loved to chase Frisbee’s , basket balls, even used as a sled dog. You would never believe the things my oldest son did with him. In his last 10 years it was just him and me, I use to ride him up from the creek, he would stand by a rock so I could get on and bring me up to the house.


I was told about this horse, he would be a good 2nd horse for us, as we were warring Freska out. So my Three children and I jumped in the car and drove to look at another horse. When we got there, we were taken to the back yard. There was this great big beautiful horse. He had a old freezer for his water. He could look in the house through the sliding glass door. There were two Great Danes, we were told he was raised with them.

The man went in the house to get his papers. Smokey’s father was Wyoming Silver Cloud. As we were reading the paperwork, this beautiful horse wanted my attention, he put his head under my arm knocking the paper work out of my hand. I laughed, at that moment I knew we were taking him home. I didn’t know how, as we drove a car here, and I didn’t have a trailer. I was told Smoke was broke, and we could ride him home. The only thing I had in my car was a lead rope and a halter.

So we went out in the field with him. I told the Kids Debbie and David, They could ride Smoke across the wash and to the stables. I would park the car there and walk back and meet them. I put David in the Front and Debbie in the back (they were going to ride double). Smoke sat down, and the 2 kids slid off. We were laughing so hard, we decided the one would lead and the other would ride, the would take turns. So I left with John and parked the car and walked back to meet Debbie and David. To my amazement the 2 kids were ridding Smokey and laughing so hard. David said Smoke is now broke.

It was a beautiful Saturday, we were heading out for a trail ride, I was with my Daughter, Debbie, she was ridding Freska, and I was ridding Smokey. I was using a Bosal, everything was going really well. Debbie got ahead of me, as Freska was use to the trail and mountains. Smokey saw them up top and wanted to cross up to be with them. It took everything I had and talking to him to keep him on the trail. We had a wonderful time, as long and Smokey could stay behind or beside Freska. If he could grab Freska’s tail he would have. My hands were bloody from pulling on Smokey, so I went looking for a bit. Found a roller bit after several different tries.

Smokey became more David’s horse, he would ride him all over the Desert. David would go visit a girl friend. The Girls loved Smokey and the Loved the attention. He would get a Flex shampoo bath with conditioner, his Tail and Main breaded, He would come home all fluffy and pretty, and smell so good. If David was at school, Smokey would pound on the corral waiting for him to come home.

We moved way out in the Desert on 50 Acers, our nearest neighbor was 5 miles away. One day David came home dragging a telephone pole with Smokey. 2 days later the Sheriff came in the yard, he said; “he followed the trail, wanted to know where I got the telephone pole, I told him. He told me to tell David to take it back, and no questions would be asked, (David was 16).” He also Laughed and said all he had to do is follow the trail. I told him David didn’t understand as it has been setting out there for many years. David drug it back, when he got home from school. He never brought anything home again, unless he had a note signed by the owner.

I moved up in the Mountains above Yosemite. It was beautiful there, Smokey and Freska were getting old. I was by myself now, so I didn’t ride much, when I did it was on my property. I would ride one and the other would follow. I didn’t need the saddle much or even bits, They were both my company and best friends. I got 3 other horses a Cow, 6 sheep, chickens, ducks, and a whole beautiful world there. Freska passed at 29 years, and Smokey at 32 years. Both had a wonderful life, and I truly miss them.


Joyce Little White Dove


  1. Dear Joyce Little White Dove,

    I stumbled on your site while researching my ancestor Ralph de Abbott. For your humor, compassion and wisdom I am happy to call you cousin.

  2. Thank you so much, Welcome to my page and my Family

    Many Blessings


  3. What a lovestory, that is exactly what it was. I love animals, and you do too. What
    a beautiful story. You are very spiritual, not everybody could write as you do Joyce.
    I hope you continue.

  4. You are getting be a very accomplished writer my friend.

    1. Thank you my Dear Friend.

      Many Blessings and Much Love